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Stupid ad of the week: Bundaberg Rum's stalwart solution to a messy quagmire

In an effort to shed some light and some laughter on the stupidity that constantly swirls through the airwaves, we bring you a stupid moving advertisement that will hopefully brighten your day, either with its outright foolishness or with its laughable condescension. This week, Bundaberg Rum from Australia succeeds in the former by giving us a little lesson in top-shelf thinking.

Though most ads projected onto our collective unconscious perniciously elicit some form of oppressive ideology, whether it be sexism, class-ism or just plain consumerism -- all fall under the auspices of 'stupid' -- we are hard-pressed to find anything particularly malignant in this week's stupid ad. Well, perhaps some classism, but mostly historical and mostly benign in nature. This jolly league of sophisticated, adventurous, not to mention time-traveling men, a ferocious alligator and, of course, an explosion, make for an ad that is at once ridiculous and also charming and fun for the whole family. It's all about solving problems in an irresponsible albeit magical way -- which is what drinking rum is all about isn't it?