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I Heart Denver's first webisode peddles bike safety and T-shirts, too

When Samuel Schimek of the all-local I Heart Denver store in the Denver Pavilions sets out to do something, it more often than not seems to have a built-in public-service component. That's definitely true of his first I Heart Denver webisode, which he personally wrote, directed and funded, with help from videographer Ray Bailey.

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Launched this morning by I Heart Denver, it follows perky spokeswoman Jen Jorgenson on a fact-filled study of Denver's bike culture, with a side-trip into the store itself, where Jorgenson shows off bike-themed merchandise. "I really liked the idea of not just making a commercial for the store, but doing a creative piece with an educational component," Schimek says, and to that end, it's jam-packed with information -- and a touch of downtown Denver savoir faire. Schimek hopes to make four webisodes a year of this one is a hit; see the video below.

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