Street guitarist Dillon: getting paid to do what he loves

The sign may read "College Fund", but right now street guitarist Dillon is just trying to pay his rent. He's only been on the streets of Denver for six months, but plans on spending the rest of his life following his dream of becoming a musician. Editor's note: Dillion's story is part of a series our intern Dylan Burkhardt is doing on street performers on the 16th street mall. Stay tuned to Show and Tell for more as they come!

Dillon moved to Denver six months ago to escape from his hometown of Savannah, Georgia. He learned to play guitar both from trial and error and from his uncle back in Georgia, who taught him old classic rock songs.

Dillon's run into his fair share of "weirdos" in Denver, from drunks coming and requesting songs to teenagers trying to steal his hard earned cash, but overall Dillon said his interaction with other people on 16th Street has been nothing but positive. "Music is so universal," he says. His favorite part of his gig is when other people join in to hep him sing or dance along. In fact, just in the time I was chatting with Dillon, an older homeless man walked up and asked if he could borrow the guitar to play a tune. Going with the flow, Dillion handed over the guitar, smiled and said, "this is what it's all about".

Dillon said he tries to go out and play every day and usually hangs around in the three blocks of the 16th Street Mall closest to Broadway.