A Talulah Jones 24 Days of Christmas: Day Fifteen

We're all hearing a lot of talk this holiday season about shopping local and what it means to a community. But Talulah Jones shop owner Robin Lohre is doing more than that: Beginning December 1, Lohre will host a reception showcasing a different local artisan every night through Christmas Eve. Check Show and Tell daily to see who's on the night's roster.

Aside from just having a great name, local jewelry artist Karey Grant also has a great eye when it comes to juxtaposing gems, stones, pearls and metal in space; additionally, Karey is a craftswoman of the highest degree, who shares her techniques as an instructor and contributor to beading periodicals. And she's also a rock hound to begin with; they are the source and inspiration of her artistry.

Dig into Grant's vein of treasures tonight from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at Talulah Jones, 1122 East 17th Avenue; visit Talulah Online or or the Talulah Jones Facebook page, or call 303-832-1230 for details.

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