Sad Halloween costume of the day: Child drag-queen pumpkin?

One man's trash is another man's treasure, as they say. Other times, one man's trash is basically just another man's trash, but at least it's hilarious trash. That's the case with today's Sad Halloween Costume of the Day photo, in which a pudgy kid of indeterminate sex wearing a too-short skirt, painted nails and a pumpkin shirt gets captured at possibly the most awkward moment of his or her life.

It's totally valid to ask, "What the fuck is wrong with this photo?" but the better question is, "What the fuck is right, because the answer is basically nothing. Everything about this photo, from the little triangle of white underpants peeking out from underneath the skirt to the setting (some kind of store-room?) to the gesture s/he's making to the weird, pinching-a-loaf expression, is unspeakably awkward and, yea, borderline grotesque.

But probably the most heartbreaking part about it is that I found this frame, photo included, at the Goodwill at Leetsdale and Forest for the low, low price of 99 cents. Meaning we can draw two conclusions: 1. Since it comes within a frame, we can surmise that this photo was, at one time, some sort of keepsake. And 2., Somebody later either abandoned it or threw it away.

Either way, it's pretty depressing to think about.

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