Dead Space 2 and Enter the Void top our new release picks for January 25

If you're interested in stories about a sexually obsessed sister, deadly religious demon monsters, ghost drug dealers or practical jokes taken too far, boy have we've got some good stuff for you this week. If you prefer to consume media that keeps to the realm of reality, you're out of luck. But for those with a penchant for the absurd, the futuristic or the freaky, we've got enough entertainment to keep you jolly for weeks on end. 5. Love from the Shadows by Gilbert Hernandez Love from the Shadows is the third big graphic novel from Hernandez, who is most famous for his work on the indie-cult-classic Love and Rockets. If the previous two are any indication, this one is sure to be a trippy, ridiculous thriller. The story follows the career of a B-movie actress and her role in a film where the girl and her brother visit her father to learn details about their mother's suicide. So it's a story inside another story. Simple enough, right? Oh, and the girl may or may not be sexually interested in her brother. 4. While Mortals Sleep: Unpublished Short Fiction by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. For fans of Kurt Vonnegut, the word "unpublished" will likely be enough to get them racing to the store to pick this up. If it's not, then there is something seriously wrong with your brain. While Mortals Sleep collects 16 never-before-published short stories by Vonnegut, packs in an introduction by Dave Eggers and sends you off into a variety of magical and mysterious worlds. No need to worry about quality either; while some of these stories were simply never submitted for publication, others were outright rejected -- which means they're brimming with the experimentation and strangeness we've come to expect from Vonnegut. 3. The Next Decade by George Friedman In George Friedman's last book, he forecast the next 100 years in politics, wars and global supremacy. In The Next Decade he dials that back considerably to look ahead at, uh, the next decade. The reasoning is pretty simple: By turning down the forecast-o-tron, Friendman can take a closer look at what's important to short-sighted people like us -- the immediate future. His prognosis? Terrorism will be become more normal, China will face a massive crisis, labor shortages will continue and America will start to lose its grip. Fun times. He's got the credentials to back up his arguments, but we'd like to see at least of few of his predictions fall through -- you know, for the sake of humanity. 2. Dead Space 2 (PS3, Xbox 360) While the advertising campaign is exceptionally stupid, the game itself should be a perfect fit for fans of horror, science fiction, demon-babies and laser pistols. Plopping you on a desolate world filled with unimaginable horrors, you'll be tasked with -- what else? -- surviving, killing stuff and blowing stuff up. You'll also have the benefit of playing a main character who is completely insane, which provides a nice respite from the usual hunked out bulking mess of the usual suspects in video game leads. 1. Enter the Void (DVD, Blu-Ray) Enter the Void is not a movie you watch with your children. Or your parents. Or your spouse. Or anyone, really. On the surface, it's just a controversial, surreal, shock-fest following the story of a drug dealing ghost and his sister. There's a lot more to it than that of course, but chances are, the main topic of conversation will be around the explicit sex scenes (including a particularly memorable "vagi-cam" scene), the ridiculous violence and the fact you're seeing the film from the point of view of a dead man. It's an experimental work and a film that will take you so far away from your comfort zone that you might worry you'll never get back.