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Do you have what it takes to wear a Nick Cave Soundsuit? Sign up to audition at the DAM

This June, Nick Cave -- not the Bad Seeds Nick Cave, but the Chicago-based artist Nick Cave -- will transform the Denver Art Museum into a living garden of the fantabulous moving costumes he creates with Nick Cave: Sojourn, an exhibit of forty works, including twenty Soundsuits.

And what are Soundsuits? Composed of myriad found objects, from twigs to doilies to buttons to sandwich bags, they emit a symphony of natural sounds when set in motion. That means someone -- perhaps you -- has to get inside the suit and make it move around.

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More to the point: Do you have what it takes to do this?

The opportunity is yours. Registration opens Friday, Februay 1, for auditions to take place at the February 22 Untitled event, where more than a hundred people will have a chance to strut their stuff for Cave himself. Ten to fifteen contestants will be chosen to collaborate with the artist and then perform in the suits with local dance groups at another Untitled event at the end of June.

Want to join in the fun -- while wearing a (heavy!) costume of colorful, flying junk? Register online (you must be at least seventeen) beginning at 10 a.m. February 1; no training is required and Cave will view dancers in groups of ten to twelve at Untitled.

In the meantime, while you're getting up your courage to don the suit, here's more on Nick Cave and his world:

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