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Reader: I love Molly Ringwald and all her characters

Molly Ringwald started writing as a child -- before she became an '80s teen icon who starred in such John Hughes films as Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club . She says she never really thought she'd publish anything, though -- but last year, she released her self-help memoir Getting the Pretty Back, and she'll be talking about her first novel, When It Happens to You , at the Tattered Cover LoDo tonight.

Sadly, Bewilderbeast says he can't be there:

I have to work. I love, love Molly Ringwald and all her characters. As a gay male, I totally identified with all of them. Molly, if you read this, please stop by and say HI, I work a few blocks away from the Tattered Cover.

What's your favorite Molly Ringwald character? Post it below.