Stupid ad of the week: Yeo Valley's agrarian gangters

Advertising agencies work tirelessly to come up with new ways to tell us the same thing over and over again: "Hey, buy our shit. Don't you want to be happy?" Thankfully though, there are always a few ridiculous ads that cause us to take pause and appreciate the stupidity of the human race, whereupon we may feel better about our own intelligence. This week's ad, from Yeo Valley Organic, shows us how far hip-hop culture has really come. From the mean streets of Bed-Stuy to the sustainable farmlands of Somerset, England, hip-hop culture is as fresh as a cold glass of milk.

Instead of a posse of tough guys and sexy chicks backing them up, these bucolic fellows (and one dainty agrarian lass -- for the demographics) have a ton of reticent cows and some smooth-ass tractors, not to mention an estate on the tiny island of England that would make any rapper envious in terms of spending-cheese credibility. Based on acreage alone, Yeo Valley peeps are no doubt balling out, but watching this ad is a lot like how I imagine it would feel to run into one's parents at a LoDo dance club: your dad holding a bottle of champagne and rapping, "Hate it or love it, your dad's on top" while your mom manages a disturbing semblance of dropping it like it's hot. These friendly fog-breathers smile too much, which makes them far too wholesome to be gangster...though the cows are pretty thug.

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