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OMG, Guys: Lauren Conrad has a book club

It is true. Thanks to Lauren Conrad's tweet about her new fave dessert recipe "Blueberry Boy Bait," we were intrigued enough to take a jaunt over to, where we discovered that she's starting a book club. And what's even better about this whole books n' LC thing? She's taking on Tina Fey's Bossypants as the club's first read. The woman who made her fortune by being a selfish, self-obsessed and unaware-acting TV star is taking on the biography of a woman who made her way to the top through actual hard work and the perfection of the art of self-deprecation.

Concerned about how deep Conrad is going to go with this book club? Not to worry. The site states that Bossypants was chosen as the inaugural read because "the blurbs on the back are simply hilarious." Duh, of course those quotes are hilarious. It is a book about a comedian's life, LC.

Plus, if (like us) you're not much of a reader of things of non-blog or magazine variety, the club will only be discussing up to page 131 of the 277 page memoir in its first online discussion. Meaning, you can read just that much and probably get a good idea of how hilarious Tina Fey is! Or, you can just watch 30 Rock and assume Tina Fey and Liz Lemon are exactly the same person. Isn't that how Lauren Conrad was on The Hills anyway? Just like Lauren Conrad in real life? She can probably totally relate.

This book club thingy just makes us miss The Hills even more. Especially when LC and Heidi were still bff-sister-bros. Sigh. Follow us on Twitter!