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Eight best Thanksgivukkah videos -- one for each night

If all the pressure to maximize your gastro capacity isn't bad enough this week, try explaining why you'll need to wait 77,798 years -- until after Voyager 1 passes Alpha Centauri -- to again use the menurkey. In the meantime, you have to navigate the explosion of mediocre Thanksgivvukah mashups online, looking for something that is actually funny. Thankfully, we're here to help, and narrowed down the selection to eight: one for each night of Thanksgivukkah.

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8) "Thanksgivukkah: Scream and Shout " by Buba Myses is arock parody with bearded rabbi dude puppets.

7) Since it wouldn't be November of 2013 without a "What Does the Fox Say?" parody version of Thanksgivukkah, we're including it -- even if the real one is funnier than any of the parodies.

6) "Rap Battle Parody": This one works because has a pre-existing genre and isn't too long.

5) "Thanksgivukkah Pie" by Benji Lovitt is a power-point greeting card that works best if you know the guy.

4) "Rare Footage -- The Story of Thanksgivukkah" was made by, a team consisting of a self-proclaimed "overweight and hairy Hasidic rabbi," among others. It's a refreshingly brilliant riff on old informational films -- and is even toned black and white.

3) This funny-or-die movie trailer parody has all the elements to be funny, only it isn't. Kudos for the cast and production quality, regardless.

The Thanksgivukkah Movie Trailer from Penny Marshall

2) "Thanksgivukkah -- The Epic Split" by Jewbellish is a parody of Van Damme balancing on two Volvos. Maybe not as relevant to Thanksgivukkah per se ---grocery cart balancing seems to be kind of pushing it--- but still one of the funnier ones.

1) "Oils: A Thanksgivukkah Miracle." Everyone loves this Royals song parody. Not only is it lovable in and of itself, but it's so well made even the food looks appealing.