Help spread the WordLove: A motivational tour gains steam in Denver

Brandi Shigley and Sahar Pazirandeh first met on a dance floor at Dazzle -- they liked each other's moves, Shigley says, and that started a friendship that was fed by their shared fervor for entrepreneurship and positive consciousness-raising. Meanwhile, Shigley -- a member of the first class of Westword MasterMinds -- continued to build her Fashion Denver business and, more recently, her Do What You Love, Love What You Do workshops, while Pazirandeh, an Iranian émigré who'd spent a locked-down childhood under fundamentalist rule, worked to create her Free Your Star Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to matching teens with jobs in the fashion industry for school credit.

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Both women had to overcome hardships to arrive at a better place in life; together they realized that the shared stories of personal transformation might help others achieve change in their own lives. So they decided to join forces and take to the road to spread the word -- and the WordLove Tour, which they hope to kick off in May here in Denver before heading out to other cities, was born.

Don't expect this tour to be a typically dry PowerPointe motivational presentation. Shigley promises a show with a personal touch that's a little bit of a party: It starts with a song, not a lecture, and loosens up in the middle with yoga session that segues into a dance rave-up. "Sahar starts off by telling how she found her voice, and after the yoga, I give them the tactical tools they'll need to do it," Shigley explains.

"I've wanted to take my workshops on the road for a long time," she adds. "But I was afraid to do it alone. This idea gives us both the opportunity to focus on our dreams." Their shared messages -- of Pazirandeh's true story of her quest to find her voice again and Shigley's tried-and-true, nuts-and-bolts DWYLLWYD inspirations -- will entwine in this venture. Right now, Shigley admits, the only thing holding them back is the cost of the tour.

To overcome that obstacle, earlier this month they launched an ongoing Indiegogo campaign to raise $4,940 toward financing WordLove. You still have time to donate: The crowd-funding effort continues until the April 3, and they've already raised about a third of the requested amount.

For more information about the WordLove Tour and its fundraising campaign -- which offers such unusual perks as a personalized song written by Shigley and Pazirandeh, as well as a day spent with the ebullient Shigley at her Do What You Love! Headquarters -- visit the website.

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