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Stupid Ad of the Week: The Danish Road Council is not F-ing around

For as good as we have it here in the USA, we definitely miss out on some amazing media due to the prudish nature of much of our culture. Not so in the land of the Danes. The Danish Road Council is a million times cooler than any DOT in America -- see inset photo (link NSFW). Their stupid ads are full of awesomeness, including but not limited to sexy parties, un-ironic mafia scenes with Karaoke, cocaine use (observe the classy broad at the beginning), gun fights and swearing. At three minutes long, you may think it's a little much to watch just to be told what to do. You'd be wrong.

It seems like a typical advert for a fancy imported scotch... until the bottle shatters and shit gets real. Then it plays more like a movie than an ad -- more entertaining than many movies, anyway. The premise is brilliant: Namely, that even the craziest assholes on earth, in the most dangerous profession, still won't risk their lives allowing someone to drive drunk. The stupid thing about this ad is that it will never air in America, and perhaps the violence is a little gratuitous. They do kill a bunch of people, including a woman, after all. The best thing about this ad is basically everything else. We've got some elegant sex appeal, high-society intrigue, shit breaking everywhere, and some interesting drunk-driving statistics amidst an expletive-laced tirade and face-induced honking. (We love that stuff, but the FCC won't give it to us.)

Plus, this advert doesn't make us feel, like many do, that someone is trying to feed us poison while telling us that said poison will make us healthy, loved and appreciated. Must be the public service aspect.