Creating Your Relationship Masterpiece classes teach art...and the art of romance

Tired of the perilous world of online dating? The Art Connection is offering a way to actually meet people in person, in a secure environment, and even if romance doesn't result, at least art will.

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"We figured we should try and find a new avenue for singles to meet instead of having to do or Dinner for Two or whatever is out there," explains Birgit Whitelaw, co-proprietor of the Art Connection in Denver. "It's a different approach to dating, especially for the new year. If somebody is out there sick and tired of doing the regular dating thing, this gives them a chance to create some art and, if nothing else, just have a good time."

The plan is to gather people together during a three-hour course, Creating Your Relationship Masterpiece, where they can meet each other while creating individual artworks.

Before the class, participants are required to submit contact information to Tracy Fagan, a dating coach and the event's organizer. After the class/courting concludes, attendees are encouraged to share their art with the group. They're also encouraged to share any special connections privately with Fagan, who will only divulge contact information if interest is expressed by both parties.

In addition to creating art and being given the opportunity to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, participants will receive dating advice from Fagan as well as a signed copy of her book, Gratitude, Giggles and Grace.

There will be four classes total, one a month through April. Each is reserved for a different age group; the first -- scheduled for 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on January 18 -- is for people in the 40-to-55 age range. All the classes will be held at ABC Custom Framing, 2550 South Colorado Boulevard.

Creating Your Relationship Masterpiece costs $59 per person; if you register at the Art Connection's website with a guest and use the code "2ormore," the price drops to $49 per person. Find more information, on the Art Connection website.