Groundhog Day: Five underappreciated Bill Murray roles

It's Groundhog Day today, a holiday nobody would give a single shit about if it weren't for the 1993 Bill Murray film by the same name, because that movie is awesome. In some ways, it was Murray's career-defining role -- not because the movie was an outstanding piece of film history or because it was the role with the most gravitas -- his late period has given him some profound roles to chew on -- but because it opened up the spotlight for Murray to be so Murray-ish, the smarmy, condescending, glib, volatile and hilarious Murray we all know and love.

It's a Murray-ness that Murray's brought to everything he's ever done, even if some of that stuff happened to be otherwise forgettable or awful -- and since we all know Bill Murray makes a great underdog, here are a few highlights from his underdog body of work.