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Local filmmakers and local films galore at EFPalooza, starting tonight

Today is a good day for local films -- like, a ridiculously good day. On top of the Adventure Film Festival starting today in Boulder and tonight's one-time screening of the locally shot Our Good Friend, Jesus Christ, this evening marks the opening of EFPalooza, the Emerging Filmmakers Project's four-day bonanza of local, independent fillmmakers and films, officially taking the amount of locally set and produced movies you can see this weekend to eyeball-bleeding levels. We caught up with EFP host Patrick Sheridan this morning to get the lowdown on some EFPalooza highlights.

Since 2002, the EFP has been the Bug Theatre's showcase for local films; aside from holding regular workshops and seminars for local filmmakers, Sheridan says, We give them the opportunity to show their work on the big screen down at the Bug." So when Sheridan realized they were approaching a milestone number of films shown, he knew they had to do something to commemorate it.

"This is kind of an accidental film festival," Sheridan remarks. "We realized that we were going to be showing our 500th movie this year, and we wanted to celebrate that 500th screening, so we put the word out to the local community. And we had such an overwhelming response that we realized we were going to have to do four days. So that's why I say it's accidental, because nobody in their right mind would put on a film festival on purpose."

What resulted, then, was kind of a normal EFP show magnified, with workshops, panels and, of course, a ton of films -- more than 50 of them, all locally set, shot, acted, directed and produced. Here are Sheridan's must-sees:

Uncle Jack A truly awesome short film by Jamin Winans, who also made the locally produced flicks 11:59 and Ink, the latter of which got flat-out rave reviews from pretty much every critic that saw it. Accompanying it is Eileen Agosta and Damon Martens' Armageddon Kitty, a hilarious short about, well, Armageddon... and a cat. Screening begins Saturday at 8 p.m.
Mile High Laci "There is this movement for indie filmmakers to make content specifically for the web," Sheridan says, and Mile High Laci, a web-based comedy series about a former housewife who manages an office building that includes a cast of bizarre characters and an MMJ dispensary, is an excellent example of that. The pilot hasn't even come out yet, so you'll be one of the first to see it, and it comes packaged with a discussion on filmmaking for the web led by Julie Crane, executive director of the Colorado and New Mexico branches of the Screen Actors Guild. Screens Friday at 7 p.m.
Do it for Johnny Back before Johnny Depp achieved ultra-fame by doing a Keith Richards impression while playing a pirate, Haylar Garcia wrote a script that he knew would be perfect for that enigmatic actor. So he set about getting it to Depp. Then he made a documentary about that. This is that documentary. Screens Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

For the full festival schedule, visit the Bug Theatre's website; daily tickets run $10 and full-festival passes are $20. All events happen at the Bug Theatre. For more information, call the Bug at 303-477-9984.