Jüna Hæm is bright and bold at the Westword Music Showcase

The twentieth annual Westword Music Showcase turned the Golden Triangle into a block party -- make that blocks party -- on Saturday. We spotted all kinds of outfits in the crowd, but the most energetic menswear look came courtesy of Jüna Hæm. Keep reading to learn what inspires his style, his style mantra, and where he shops.

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Name: Jüna Hæm.

Spotted at: 12th and Acoma streets during the Westword Music Showcase.

Profession: I'm a spirit designer.

2014 summer anthem: "Gypsy Boy" by Jimi Hendrix.

Favorite film: Belly by Hype Williams.

Style inspirations/icons: Dreaming inspires my fashion. I'd rather be surreal than real. I look at specific archetypes in history. Everyone is playing a specific role with their fashion: You can be a trickster or a skater. The possibilities are endless.

Favorite color: Indigo.

Favorite accessory: Nose rings. My septum ring, too. As long as there is gold in my nose to inhale that sweet air, I'm good.

Style mantra: I say posi-vibes, or positive vibes. Art is life and life is art.

Shops at: Thrift stores and yard sales. I don't feel comfortable buying new clothes. It needs to feel lived in, and I need to feel haunted.

Hæm rocked a slew of accessories at the Showcase, including two necklaces, a golden teddy bear pin and a button that reads "FREE HUGS." Hæm paired his green wingtip boots with mis-matched socks: marijuana leaves and stripes. Hæm painted the back of his jacket by hand. It reads "ZOID," in honor of his art collective Enter The Zoid.

"I love the Showcase and all the local acts," says Hæm, a Denver native. "Everyone is looking to tell a story here in Denver, but everyone should know that they are the story."