Winner of the Book & Paper Fair best-author debate: James Joyce

Last week, we reported on the Rocky Mountain Book & Paper Fair's challenge panel, an attempt to name the best author of the 20th century, and decided to hold our own contest. Which was, sadly, pathetically attended. My link to the article on Facebook got more comments than the actual article did. Nevertheless, here we are, as promised, to give you the results of this contest.

Dana Cain reports: "Well, it's official...James Joyce was the Greatest Author of the 20th Century! Dennis Gallagher made a very compelling and eloquent case for him, and defended him against all others. Second place was my guy, Ray Bradbury! And Stephen King managed a third place nod."

Kurt Vonnegut, my pick, did not make the cut. Neither did Thomas Pynchon, Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Robbins, Joseph Heller, John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Günter Grass or Jack Kerouac, some other notables mentioned in the comments.

At least King didn't take home the crown...talented as he is, that'd just be sad.