9th Annual Corn (Powder) Harvest at Loveland Saturday

What better way to have a Corn Harvest that celebrates spring skiing in warm weather than an epic powder day? On Saturday, skiers flocked to Loveland for some of the best skiing of the year. Many skiers sported the Hawaiian shirts and leis in honor of the Corn Harvest, which benefits the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Others were just up to enjoy deep powder skiing.

Arriving at 10:00 a.m., the parking lots were almost full, and people were parking down in the third lot of Loveland Valley and riding the shuttle bus or walking up the road to the skiing. Surprisingly, despite the crowded lots, the lift lines weren't bad.

Both Loveland Pass and Berthoud Pass were closed Saturday morning due to the adverse weather, as the snow kept up into the early afternoon.

The old mantra "There are no friends on a powder day," was in full effect, as it was all about getting out there and finding the lines. Chair 9 was where the real action was. Visibility alternated between whiteout blizzard and brief spells of sun, though by 2:00, the snow had ended and the sun was out, starting to warm everything up just in time for the beer-thirty celebration, music, and auction at the Loveland patio.

Many cool raffle prizes were given out to Corn Harvest attendees, including ski tunes and bike tunes from Edgeworks, Mammut packs, Flylow jackets, and a pair of Rossignol skis. Beer was donated by New Belgium.