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Comment of the day: "John Denver IS Colorado"

Well, if cartoonist Noah Van Sciver's report from last week on what Australian's think of Denver wasn't proof enough that this fair city will ever be associated foremost with a mediocre light rocker who got high on the Rockies, then reader Angela Roberts is here to reinforce that. Commenting on Colin Bane's post yesterday about John Denver's possible induction into the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum Hall of Fame, Roberts lets us know that, for a 10-year-old kid living in the subtropics, John Denver was not just a mascot for Colorado -- he was a mascot for snow.

I can tell you that in my travels I have found that to many people around the world, John Denver IS Colorado. Certainly if you held a poll in my country that asked the recipients to name as many famous Colorado-ians as they can,most would only be able to name John Denver. (Dan Fogelberg would probably garner a handful of votes.) The first time I ever even saw what Colorado looked like was in a Denver Christmas special in 1975, in which the singer performed in a specially built glass dome in wintry Snowmass,and was filmed skiiing, skating and toboganning in the beautiful snowy scenery of your gorgeous state. As a 10 year old who was living in the subtropics and had never seen snow, I was fascinated, and vowed to go there someday. Which 5 years ago I did & had a wonderful time attempting to learn to ski ('attempting' being the operative word-LOL!). Also,Denver wrote a song called 'Whispering Jesse',which is also the name of an Aspen ski run.So yes-Denver and skiing are inextricably linked.

Well, I guess it's better than Dan Fogelberg.

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