Talking Shop: A few of our favorite sales

It's a rare day when every piece of clothing at the Five Green Boxes little store is on sale, but that's currently the case, although it's hard to say say how long such a deal can possibly last. Summer shoes, including colorful sandals and gladiators, are going at 30 percent off, and all summer clothes - cute little dresses, embroidered floral skirts, cotton knit pants in exquisite colors, printed tanks and more - are 25 to 50 percent off.

"We're always looking for the details, things that are different and affordable," says owner Charlotte Elich. "And the prices are all great to begin with." Find clothes that are even more affordable than ever at 1596 S. Pearl Street.

Meanwhile there's a sporadic, ongoing sidewalk sale throughout August at the ever-adorable Talulah Jones at 1122 E. 7th Avenue, where summer clothing is marked down as much as fifty percent (even deeper discounts are promised as of August 30) and tables and chairs are 25 percent off. And while it's not part of the sale, back-to-school merchandise is in, including Buquest backpacks, pencil cases and other accessories from Spain, and Japanese erasers in the shape of ice cream cones and fudge bars, complete with removable parts. Plus, Peppermint, another boutique worth loving, is only a catty-corner hop away at 1227 East 17th Avenue. Go for it. Happy shopping.