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Reader: This state is nothing but culture!

A reader who moved to Denver in July is ready to leave -- and none too soon, judging from both his comment and the dozens that have been posted in response. Among greylopht's complaints? There's "no culture." Denver is...

Extremely consumer oriented. Strip mall on every corner with the same stuff as every strip mall, there is not much to really DO. Want to go hiking, deal with the throngs of people then. No where is it pedestrian friendly for walking places, (not to mention the drivers) It is very Yuppified and tries to be all in the now, when it is really stuck somewhere in the 90's and is about as fake as a city as a city can be.

No culture?

Among the responses comes this from nick:

If I ever see this guy I'm going to punch him square in the face and tell him to go back to his own crappy country. No one needs him here in our great state. So he had bad luck; it is happening everywher. And if he hated living with people so much, get a smaller place; many can be found.

No culture? This state is nothing but culture, and we have passion for where we live. Him roaming from city to city just shows he's a stuck-up snobby douche. The true natives of our state know better than him about this place -- why let him define this place? He will never know the beauty this place holds, so eat a dick euro douche and get out!

Read greylopht's original comment here. And then post your own thoughts on Colorado culture below.