Contest: Comment on this and get a hardcover copy of Me, Myself and Why?

Last week, we told you about MaryJanice Davidson's new Me, Myself and Why? a veer into left field from an author noted for veering into left field. The self-proclaimed "inventor of paranormal chick-lit," Davidson made her name with her Undead and Unwed series about a vampire who's also into shopping and chick stuff; meanwhile, MMW? follows the exploits of an FBI agent who also has dissociative identity disorder. It's good -- we know because we had an intern read it and submit a detailed report. And now that we're done with it, we're giving our nice, shiny, hardcover copy away -- all you have to do is comment. Get details after the jump.

In the book, protagonist Cadence Jones doesn't just deal with her dissociative identity disorder (also commonly known as multiple personality disorder) in her career as an FBI agent -- she uses it to her advantage. "They're not solving crime in spite of their psychoses," Davidson told Amber Taufen in our interview with her. "It's absolutely because of them. It takes a thief to catch a thief, and a crazy arsonist to catch a crazy arsonist."

So we want to know: What's your liability that you turn into an asset? For us, it's our ultra-rare "propulsive halitosis," which has played a role in our becoming excellent phone interviewers. What about you? How are you turning lemons into lemonade, social anxiety into computer science, lack of anything better to do into sandwich-making?

Tell us in the comments, and we'll give the book to the "personality" (wakka-wakka) with the best answer. Just make sure to leave us a valid email address so we can reach you if you win -- promise we will never spam you, sell your address or in all likelihood ever email you again.

So get commenting -- your workplace boredom isn't going to turn itself into a free book on its own, you know.