The werewolf apocalypse kicks off in Travis Heermann's The Wild Boys

Tired of zombies and vampires hogging all the apocalyptic fiction fun? Local author Travis Heermann agrees, so he's pushing werewolves to the center stage in his new novel The Wild Boys. The timeless shapeshifters of the book come to life thanks to a bioengineered plague that tilts the balance of nature against humanity, knocking us a notch down on the food chain. At the forefront of the impending werewolf apocalypse, a young half-Japanese girl seems to be one of the few who realize what's happening, leaving it to her to stop it -- if it's not already too late. Before Heermann's book-signing event Saturday, December 29, at Bean Fosters in Golden, we talked to him about the novel, the archetypal fear of shapeshifters and finding inspiration in dreams.

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