Denver's Slam Nuba wins the National Poetry Slam

It's been a banner year for Slam Nuba, the newer nationally competitive arrival on the Denver slam poetry scene, and for a group started hardly four years ago, it's seen some remarkable achievements already. Having placed in the top ten finishing teams at the National Poetry Slam (slam poetry's annual really big deal) for every year of its existence, all that really remained for the team to accomplish, in fact, was an outright win. Yesterday, Slam Nuba pulled it off.

As it generally does, Denver sent two teams to the Nationals this year -- Nuba and the Mercury Cafe Slam Team -- both of which are pretty formidable competition; the Merc team brought home a win in 2006, meaning our little city now has two Nationals-winning teams. That's more winning than Charlie Sheen. And the Merc didn't fare too badly this year, either: The team made it to the semi-finals, putting it in at least the top 20 (definitive rankings have yet to be posted).

By the way, Slam Nuba was one of our five Westword MasterMinds this year, so you can thank us for calling it later.

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