Local filmmakers premier Our Good Friend, Jesus Christ tomorrow at the Mayan

In most ways, the differences between Denver and L.A. are good for us -- far less soul-killing vapidity here, for example -- but if there is one thing we tend to miss out on, it's that there aren't too many movies set here in the old hometown. And there definitely aren't too many movies edited, shot and directed in the old hometown that feature a cast of entirely local actors and a soundtrack of entirely local bands. So when a movie like Our Good Friend, Jesus Christ comes around -- for just one single screening -- it's not to be missed.

The film follows the travails of the second coming of Jesus Christ, who is trying to recruit an army of hapless schmoes in Denver to help fight the holy war. The results, of course, are disastrous.

"It doesn't really make fun of religion," says writer-director Skoty-Bob Shaeffer. "It more makes fun of the people who ruin religion for everyone else, so to speak. The people who use their religion for evil.

"Which is kind of a deep thought for comedy, I guess."

Shaffer is currently looking for a distributor and shopping the flick to film festivals around the state, but in the meantime, tomorrow's screening is your only immediate opportunity to see it. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. at the Mayan Theatre, and the ticket price ($8) includes door prizes, a Jesus look-alike contest and a meet-and-greet with the filmmakers.