Michael Cera and five other pantsless celebrities who should put them back on

Everyone likes to let it all hang out sometimes; after all, it's the way all of us were born, and it will surely be the way some of us, under questionable circumstances, die. Most people, though, when they let 'em hang, they do it in the privacy of their homes. Or occasionally in colonies.

Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman and Chris Evans, apparently, do it on the streets of New York -- or at least they do in a GQ feature called "Introducing Pantsless Saturdays." And it's a funny conceit, sure -- but is it funny enough? Let's take another look:

Considering the photo -- which, you will find, somehow continues to haunt you with its casual depravity long after you stop looking -- is it funny enough to justify itself? We think not, and while we're on the subject, here are five other celebrities who can go ahead and put their pants back on now, please.

05. Lady Gaga Because she makes it look good, Lady Gaga comes pretty close to getting a pass on this one. Still -- and it's not like the Lady's a paragon of good taste or anything -- but still, couldn't we save the semi-nudity for performance? Generally, when people go shopping, they do so with their butt cheeks secured.

04. Flea Speaking of performance, remember when Red Hot Chili Peppers did that thing where they sometimes played naked, and it was, like, an artistic statement, not to mention (literally) ballsy? Somehow Flea failed to get the memo that that time is over. Now it's just kind of unsettling.

03. Jake Pavelka Hey, how funny would it be if I riffed on Risky Business by going on Dancing with the Stars without my pants on? Not very, Jake, and we'd rather you didn't.

02. Scott Caan We're not going to show it -- this is a family blog, for heaven's sake -- but be assured, he's dangling under there. We get it: There's a period in everyone's day where they have yet to put on their pants, and Caan clearly got caught in the act here. But, honestly, most people get that task accomplished before they leave the house.

01. Britney Spears Unless you live under a rock, you probably saw this one coming. But we can't resist: Can someone please put some damn pants on this woman already? Gross.