Breeality Bites

DIY or die: Why Denver needs under-the-radar, all-ages arts spaces

Last month, Denver DIY house venue and show space Mouth House was shut down by the cops for good. As far as house venues go, it had a good, three-year run. Undaunted by surrounding gentification, Mouth House sat in the midst of Five Points, minding its own business in a surprisingly busy neighborhood that didn't seem to mind or even notice the dirt yard -- which was often teeming with people either taking a smoke break from the noisy interior sweat box or waiting to get in to see whatever band was playing (or sometimes, whatever guy was writhing around on the floor pouring windshield-wiper-fluid-blue soda all over himself while screaming into a microphone).

When I heard that the coffin lid on Mouth House had been nailed shut forever, all I could think was, fuck. Another all-ages performance space in Denver gone for good.

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