On the street: Sean Patrick Retz, traveling busker

Sean Patrick Retz has spent the last 5 years of his life busking. He currently lives in Silverthorne, but today, he hitchhiked down to Denver just to play his guitar on 16th Street for the day. [Editor's note: Sean Patrick Retz is part of a semi-regular series our intern Dylan Burkhardt is doing about street performers on the 16th Street Mall.]

Retz was born in Iowa, moved to Michigan and now lives in Silverthorne. He's been playing guitar and piano ever since he can remember, but now only plays in his spare time, since he now has a "real job" -- but the money he earns from busking doesn't hurt. One night he earned $150 just from one couple: "The guy threw in a $50, then his wife threw in another $100," he recalls. "Of course, they were a little intoxicated."

Retz continues to perform because it's taught him a few things about life. "When you put yourself in awkward situations, or in harm's way like I did when I hitch-hiked all the way down here, it makes the rest of things in your life seem easier." This interview taught me something too: that you can get the best advice from the most unlikely places.