Under the Gunn: The teams have been chosen!

Tim Gunn's new show, Under the Gunn is only in its second week, but the excitement is building. During last night's episode,Tim had to drag Isabelle out of the sewing room onto the runway, and Amy and Ray were sent home. The teams have been chosen, and now we are off to the fashion-challenge races.

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Local designer Mondo Guerra is one of the show's mentors. "I developed a system strategically," the tells us. "Once I get my group together, I plan on allowing them to take the reins without guiding them. I want to see how they work; I want them to help each other. I think it's fair in the beginning. On an individual level, they should make the mistakes going into the first challenge. They should be responsible for what they show -- they should be responsible for their accolades or their mistakes."

Here's the lineup at the end of episode two:

Team Mondo: Michelle, Camila, Sam and Asha. Team Anya: Shan, Blake, Brady and Nicholas. Team Nick: Oscar, Natalia and Stephanie.

Under the Gunn airs locally at 7 p.m. Thursdays on Lifetime; Mondo is hosting an Under the Gunn viewing party every week at Beauty Bar.