Triangles are everywhere! An analysis of three-sided shapes in hipster art

It all started thanks to some mellow bro, or some totally cool chick, in Brooklyn. No one can be sure, except that they were in Brooklyn, naturally. In any case, this stalwart individual sat down one day and drew some equilateral triangles over the face of a woman in a cutout shampoo ad, and next thing we knew, these bold shapes were being tattooed on forearms across the nation. So what's got these brave young artists pondering the triangle? Is it in reference to their often ambiguous sexual ethics, or is it something deeper, like the desire to fit in? What truths about this thriving culture can we glean from the triangle? Discover the hidden meaning behind this mysterious phenomenon after the jump. Or don't. 'Cause like, whatever, you know. 05. Black triangle head As anyone whose read The DaVinci Code could tell you, if a triangle points straight down, it symbolizes a woman, because if you squint and use your imagination, that's what a woman's nether lady-parts look like. In this case, the vagina is a dark -- sometimes scary -- and wondrous place of mystery. Why it takes the place of this girl's head is anybody's guess. 04. Oppressive triangle If a triangle points straight up, it means power, stability and manliness, for obvious reasons -- we're in America after all, and the power structure of yore still lurks under the surface like an ex-boyfriend's name under a newly acquired solid black triangle tat. This unfortunate woman is obviously oppressed. All her woman-triangles are off the side inside a pink circle, except for the main one, which is caught inside a much larger man-triangle, restricting her every move. A sad sight indeed. 03. Jumping girl To jump-kick like a girl: First of all wear skin-tight reflective glitter pants. You're halfway there. Then become so excited about the golden triangles that constantly float around you like nimbuses (nimbi?) that you morph into three distinct bodies and collide with yourself shattering into...mostly triangles. Though I think I spotted a rhombus in there somewhere. 02. Guy jumps too, doesn't shatter But his genitalia splinters into perfect, illuminated, downward pointing triangles, giving him symbolic lady-parts, which is almost as good as having real lady-parts, because triangles connect us with our most sacred selves, and we all know everyone began as a single, tiny triangle inside our mommy's belly. 01. Headless girl Many hipsters are beautiful, but, like, ugly. But like, beautiful, you know what I mean, like, it's like, society is the one that makes people think people are beautiful or not, and like, fuck them, you know. Thus we get the headless Polaroid, with complimentary triangles so we can avoid the subject altogether.