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Comment of the day: Brass olives

When you work at a newspaper, people send you some pretty weird shit -- I've got one guy, for example, that regularly leaves me hand-written notes and sculptures made out of coat-hanger and papier-mâché. That's kind of charming, but this email I got today is just bizarre -- and while this space is normally reserved for reader comments left on Show and Tell, I felt it was weird enough to share with you. By the way, that picture at right is apparently a brass olive.

Dear Sir,

Have a nice day !

Do you need some brass olives ?I'd lik to sell you my brass olives .There is the picture which is attached on the files ,Please do not hesitate contact me if you have any problem ,Thanks a lot .

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon .

Best Reguards

Yours Sincerely


Dear Tom, ignoring for a moment the troubling undertone of menace in the phrase "I'd lik to sell you my brass olives," no, I do not need any. But thanks for checking.

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