Gettin' Crafty: swanky New Year's shrug

​​For all those who give pom-pom critters for birthdays, feel an urge to stick googly eyes on everything or just occasionally get a twitch to fold some origami, we bring you "Gettin' Crafty" where we feature a craft you can easily make with minimal supplies and limited finances. So Santa forgot to put a mink stole under the tree for your New Year's party? No way, us too! Here is a quick-fix for Santa's mishap that PETA would approve. Supplies
  • One yard crushed velvet or faux fur fabric. I opted for the velvet, because it was on sale and faux fur fabric is about $12/yd. Way too much for my taste.
  • Sewing machine, or needle and thread if you have the patience
  • Straight pins
  • Buttons


    1. Lay out the yard of fabric and fold it in half, hot-dog style. It should measure one yard long and fourteen inches high. Cut along the fold. I kept mine a yard long because I am tall, but if you are more petite, a yard may be too long and it will look like you are being consumed by a crushed velvet sloth-like creature. You want the fabric to fit snug around your shoulders with four inches of excess. Cut to the length that best fits you.

    2. Pin the long sides together. At the short ends of the fabric, trim so it is not a straight line, but a rounded edge.

    3. Pin the rounded edge. It will look like you have an elongated oval pinned in fabric. Make sure you pin it with the fur or velvet sides touching one another. If you have never sewed before, you do this so the stitches will not show when you are finished. Remember, you don't want to look like an amateur, even if you are.

    4. Sew, following the shape of the pins. Do not sew all the way around -- leave a two-inch break somewhere in the stitches.

    5. Cut off the excess fabric around the pins.

    6. Pull the fabric through the two-inch break so the fur or velvet side is visible.

    7. On each short end, pull the top edge and bottom edge together. Sew the edges together in one place with a few hand stitches. This will make the end nicer-looking and more dramatic.

    8. You can leave it loose like this and just drape it over you, or add a button to close it. Figure out where you want the button and sew it on. Snip a hole on the other side to make a buttonhole.

    9. Look how fabulous it is! Look how fabulous you are!