Sacred Economics workshop will help local business owners think about a deeper purpose

Tonight at Green Spaces Colorado, Mile High Business Alliance will host "The Deeper Purpose of Your Business," an evening with author Charles Eisenstein aimed at bringing global consciousness to the world of small business. Local business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone working in Denver's business community are invited to the event, which will discuss how to integrate the ideas of Eisenstein's book, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition.

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Put on by the Mile High Business Alliance and the Queen Ann Bed & Breakfast Inn, the evening will revolve around bringing local business back to the basics, asking entrepreneurs and owners to look at why they run or desire to run a business in the first place. According to Mickki Langston, Mile High Business Alliance executive director, the ninety-minute session with Eisenstein will be more of a discussion than a lecture, using his book as a touchstone and resource.

"Our intention with this particular conversation is for small businesses who are doing work in the community to get reconnected to the underlying passions that their businesses are actually an expression of," says Langston. "That is usually not a conversation that small business owners get to have -- because we are doing all of the work it takes to run a small business."

With Denver's ever-growing, local business-based economy, the city is in the right place at the right time for this conversation. "You can be a businessperson who is making plenty of money selling widgets or providing a service, and you're still someone who is completely connected to what it means to be a person living in Denver at this time," Langston adds. "If you're providing professional services, where you're spending your money as a businessperson is helping to invest in the kind of community where we live.

"As people recognize that economic power, my hope is that it can bring us closer together as people who recognize, we care about living in a city that looks like 'X' and how do we build that city? How do we do it together? The point is, we're disconnected from the impact of the way we run our business. The way I'm operating my business and where I'm coming from is an important expression in the kind of community I want to live in."

"The Deeper Purpose of your Business," an evening with Charles Eisenstein, begins at 7 p.m. tonight at Green Spaces Colorado, 1368 26th Street in Denver. Registration is $15 to $25 and can be done by calling 303-872-5646 or e-mailing [email protected] For more information on the workshop, visit the Mile High Business Alliance's website.