Comedian Kelsie Huff on Boulder Fringe, the stand-up bug and insult-compliments

Although comedian Kelsie Huff's new production at the Boulder Fringe Festival is titled This Show Might Be Terrible, her past hits suggest it will be anything but. Known for her Boulder Fringe Official Encore Award-winning shows Bruiser and Huffs, Huff is also a successful stand-up comedian who heads the kates, an all-female lineup.

The darkly funny Midwestern comedian will be all over the Fringe fest. She's the host of tonight's opening-night celebration, will perform her show August 18 to 25, is teaching a workshop entitled "You Time! Personal Narratives in Stand-up Comedy" on August 19, and will host the nightly variety show "Big Time," which debuts tomorrow. In advance of her jam-packed Fringe schedule, we talked to the hilarious Huff about her new show, passing along the stand-up bug, and learning to embrace failure.

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