Colorado Creatives

100 Colorado Creatives: Eric Dallimore

#32: Eric Dallimore

New Orleans native Eric Dallimore is a many-faceted artist: A large-scale sculptor, photographer and installation artist, whose work ranges from a public-art piece built from the wreckage of homes lost to Hurricane Katrina to a yearlong photographic documentation of the Denver dance troupe Wonderbound, he's already keeping busy. But there's more: Dallimore is also a co-owner and curator of Leon Gallery, one of Denver's havens for emerging and undiscovered artists, as well as an intimate, house-style concert hall and event space.

It's rare to see an artist continue to grow by leaps and bounds in creative terms while also running an adventurous gallery and business. That evidences a drive that goes above and beyond, and we're not certain that Dallimore ever even sleeps, which made us curious enough to invite him to take our 100CC questionnaire. Read on for the unexpected answers.

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