Vote for Dylan to cover the Winter Olympics for Microsoft

Last week, we brought you the story of Amber Johnson, Canada native and Colorado blogger. Amber is a finalist for a Microsoft-sponsored blogging trip to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. She mentioned in her interview with us that there was a fellow Coloradan over in the student finals (Johnson is in the women's division. Those are the only two divisions, which I guess tells you where Microsoft thinks the future of journalism lies: women and students).

Regardless, the aforementioned Colorado student is one Dylan Derryberry, seen above lube wrestling on a tarp somewhere on the campus of Colorado Mountain College. He doesn't write about sports much and doesn't seem to do much in the way of interviewing people or anything, but there will be no shortage of people doing that at the Olympics.

Derryberry's blog demonstrates his ability to write coherently and shoot entertaining videos, and I'm sure a chance to work with the pros in Vancouver would hone his skills. Or, you know, suck the life out of him. What I'm saying is: keep lube wrestling, man.