Contest: Comment on this and win free tix to any Starz Denver Film Fest show

For film-geeks in Denver, the Starz Denver Film Festival is always the high point of the year -- and from the Denver Film Society's sudden new digs to the eerily timed death of George Hickenlooper, this year's fest has been a particularly wild ride. But while the highest profile action may have come and gone, the show's not over yet; you've still got until Sunday to get in there and see the best indie-film going. To that end, we're giving away five free pairs of tickets for any festival-screening film your little heart might desire to see. That's right: Just giving 'em away.

You want 'em. Yeah, we know you do, you little scamp. Here's what you have to do: In the comments section, tell us what film you would see if you got the tix -- and why. Best five answers by noon sharp tomorrow (Wednesday) get a shiny set of two (so you can bring your date, or your blowup doll or whatever) -- and word to the wise: When we say "best," we generally mean "funniest." Basically, we're delegating it to you to break up our ennui a little.

When you leave that comment, make sure you leave a valid email address in the field, so we can get back to you and let you know if you won; we promise never to spam you or give the address to anyone else or, in all likelihood, ever look at it again.

Go get 'em, champ. We've already got your popcorn buttered. And not in a gross way.