Today in stoke: SixEleven Productions' Stop... Hammer Time! world premiere at Gothic

Denver-based snowboard film crew SixEleven Productions drops the world premiere of Stop...Hammer Time! tonight at Gothic Theatre (6 p.m., $10, ages 16+), along with the Denver premiere of Pirate Productions' Hooked and a mess of free stuff from SixEleven's new sponsors, including Ride Snowboards.

"This year we brought on some really good sponsors to support the project, so we're doing a whole premiere tour and really blowing it up, giving tons of stuff away," says SixEleven spokesperson Steven Waters. "Tonight's party is basically about getting as many people as we can in there and making sure they leave with a ton of free stuff and a copy of the video to get stoked for the season."

SixEleven's STOP...Hammertime! Teaser from SixEleven on Vimeo.

"Instead of focusing on each individual rider, we broke the film into sections following the timeline of our season together," Waters says.

"We shot some great early-season stuff, and we're from Denver so we have a whole Denver section, hitting rails and stuff around town, and then we spent a month down in Silverton getting into the backcountry and big mountain riding. We've got a lot of great footage from the resorts and parks around Summit County, and we had a couple kids go up to Alaska this year. We've also got a whole road trip section where we went to Washington, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and all over the place. The stuff that made it into this video is the very best footage we've ever had. The level of riding just gets crazier and crazier every year."

Hooked Teaser 2010 from Pirate Movie Production on Vimeo.