What week is it? A breakdown of everything you could be celebrating, October 11-17

It's the major holidays that get all the love -- Christmas, Halloween, the Fourth of July -- but if you're anything like us, and you need a good reason to shut up everyone who keeps telling you to "stop drinking in the morning," you need more stuff to celebrate. To that end, we've got you covered. Among other ultra-specific times of commemoration, today marks the start of National Coming Out week, and there's a few free events going on around town more than worth getting a party on for.

Most of that stuff is going on in Boulder, courtesy of the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Resource Center at CU. Tonight kicks off the party with an open stage for folks to tell stories of their own coming out -- and if that's not enough reason to go, there's also free food.

Because free stuff is awesome, the GLBT Center also hosts a free film screening Wednesday night of Contracorriente (Spanish for "Undertow"), the story of a man in a tiny Peruvian village who must choose between respectability and revealing his secret relationship with his ostracized gay lover. And Friday, the GLBT Center celebrates its own 15th anniversary with a party and open house at its new space. Whether or not there will be free booze is as yet unclear.

Interested in any of those events? Get details here.

Today is also Columbus Day, while elsewhere, it's also World Rainforest Week and -- get ready for it -- National Metric Week, whatever that means. So go ahead, measure out a shot in milliliters, hug a spider monkey, subjugate and indigenous people and put on your best heels -- it's a good week to celebrate.