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Art-Plant presents art by Caleb Stout at City, O' City

Art and food have been an item for a long time, but some places do it better than others. City, O' City is a case in point, where a partnership with the nonprofit Art-Plant, which curates shows by emerging artists for the eatery, keeps things interesting with work that isn't just part of the scenery.

This month, the featured artist is Caleb Stout, who works in an angled mess of geometric, modernist shapes and patterns. His show, Point Blank, opens with a reception tonight at 7 p.m. and continues through the month. And while you're gawking at the art, you can also take a break from your art-shmoozing to try a vegan burger or the waffle of the week -- jackpot!

Visit the Point Blank event page on Facebook for details.

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