Musician visits local haberdashery, purchases hat

The Edge, a musician with the popular band U2, is a man known for the wearing of hats -- and while the hat he is primarily known for is his trademark black beanie, we have it on good authority that he also wears other types of hats. Or at least buys them.

During his time in Denver this weekend, The Edge stopped in at Goorin Bros. hats in Larimer Square and made the purchase of two straw fedoras. At right is an artist's conceptualization of what he might look like wearing one of them.

"He did stop in," confirmed Goorin Bros. shopkeeper Vince Edgerton. "He bought a straw trilby-style fedora called The Dagger, and another one called the Donner that's basically the same style. One's more of a rolled-down '40s style; the other one's pretty flat-brimmed, straight across, like something Bob Dylan or Leon Redbone would wear."

As of press time, The Edge was unavailable for comment.

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