Menswear Mondays: Dance teacher Andrew Caballero on his blacked-out fashion

The statement that "black is always in style" never fails to ring true. This week, we spotted stellar black menswear from dance teacher Andrew Caballero. Read here to learn who inspires his aesthetics, his favorite accessories, and where he shops online for chic menswear.

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Name: Andrew Caballero

Spotted at: 20th Avenue and Logan Street.

Profession: I work retail and teach dance.

Favorite film: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

2014 jam: Martin Solveig & Laidback Luke's "Blow."

Style inspirations/icons: I draw inspiration from my surroundings, '90s, music, and other dancers. Alexander McQueen is beyond everything. Sarah Burton is doing an amazing job with continuing his vision. I've always loved Russell Brand's look.

Favorite accessory: Ear plugs and rings. I don't wear rings too much but I collect them and wear them on special occasions.

Favorite color: Black, but I do have a weakness for the color pink.

Style mantra: I like to feel good with what I'm wearing while being confident. I also always keep the color black in mind.

Shops at: Karmaloop and UNIF are good websites. I shop online a lot. I usually find exactly what I'm looking for. Sometimes I come across some awesome pieces from thrifting.

The back of Caballero's leather jacket features an image of the American flag stitched on. The red and white stripes, along with blue background are the only pops of color in this blacked-out look.

These black-studded Doc Marten boots are limited edition.

Style analysis: Although Caballero's black-on-black ensemble may appear easily put together, he crafts this outfit based on details. The black VOGUE fitted hat references the magazine, as well as the new style of dance. His long black shirt features a bandanna extension with a gold side-zipper feature. Caballero's black skinny jeans, leather jacket, over-sized turtle neck hoodie and rare Doc Marten boots complete the look that allows his subtle details to shine like the studs on his boots. Black is Caballero's favorite color and he dresses head to toe in it, mixing in white details like the VOGUE text and white paisleys in the bandanna print. He always has the color black in mind and it shows.

Don't be afraid to keep black in the back of your mind, Denver.