Womenswear Wednesdays: Model Jessica Caulder on her DIY style

With the current heat wave, you still see summer fashions all over the street. We spotted freelance model Jessica Caulder looking very hot, wearing an expressive, DIY outfit. Continue reading to learn her 2013 jam, her style icons and where she shops.

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Name: Jessica Caulder.

Spotted at: 18th and Sherman streets.

Profession: I have an online clothing business that I do -- pipe cases and stuff -- but other than that I am a freelance model.

Favorite film: Pulp Fiction.

2013 jam: Right now I'm really into Brooke Candy. She is fucking crazy; I love it.

Style inspirations/icons: Rachel Zoe is my number-one style icon because her style is timeless but still hip. Lindsay Lohan, Kreayshawn and the whole White Girl Mob are good, too. LEAF is a new rapper from New York who has great style.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite accessory: Eyeglasses, prescriptions and shades both.

Style mantra: Just for today I will not worry. Just for today I will not fear. Hustle hard and meditate daily.

Shops at: Online, I shop at UNIF. As for physical stores, Forever 21 and H&M are good because they are cheap.

Calder accessorizes with rings and bracelets -- including an eye-and-star ring. This backpack is tricked out with swatches of different fabrics. "I want there to be a stronger street fashion community in Denver," says Caulder, who has lived back and forth in both Denver and Brooklyn for the last four years. "We should be more original with how we dress and act, and with what we say." The turquoise nails with studded black leather sandals make a unique look that is fun and edgy at the same time: perfect for the end of summer.

Style analysis: Caulder exemplifies how to incorporate DIY parts of your style into a solid head-to-toe look. She shops on a budget, but uses details like her studded sandals, embellished vest, gem-encrusted shorts, symbolic skeleton-key necklace and personalized "DESTROY" sunglasses to make her look stand out. Taking cues from from Denver and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, she creates fashion that stands out on our streets.

When in doubt, Denver, do it yourself.