Breeality Bites

What did you just say to me?: How to deal with adults with poor social skills

Standing behind City, O' City last Friday, my friend Sam Tallent and I drank our water and beer and shared a rad moment, peering out at a sea of mutual friends as the sun was just setting, weed smoke wafting through the air. Total Ghost had just taken the stage and everyone was having a blast. Tallent and his group of fellow DIY comic dudes, the Fine Gentleman's Club, had put together the multi-day Too Much Funstival, and night two was rolling along sweetly. My band had played minutes earlier, and we were talking about how cool it was that music and comedy could come together and mutually entertain.

Then, out of nowhere, a stranger entered our circle. He smiled, looked me right in the eye and said, "You know, I can play bass way, way better than you can."

Uh, what? Dude. Dude.

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