Derby Baby directors turn to Kickstarter for roller derby documentary distribution

Denver-based filmmakers Robin Bond and David Wruck premiered their roller derby documentary Derby Baby on March 31 at the Atlanta Film Festival and screened it earlier this month at the Sonoma International Film Festival, but before they can bring it to a wider audience they need to sort out a global distribution model. This being the 21st century and all -- and inspired by the DIY derby ethos they just spent two years immersed in -- the filmmakers are taking matters into their hands and have turned to Kickstarter to give the project a kick.

"We want our film's message of women's empowerment and sisterhood to be heard everywhere around the world," writes Bond, in her Kickstarter plea for $30,000. "More international exposure of our film will place the sport of flat-track roller derby front and center globally, and will inspire women and girls everywhere."

The feature-length film features a lot of local action from both the Denver Roller Dolls and the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (and the Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks junior league), but also harbors global ambitions, with segments on the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup, profiles of teams from as far away as Ireland, an overview of the 75+ year history of the sport, and an in-depth look at how modern flat-track derby has taken root across the U.S. and is spreading around the world. Here's the Derby Baby Kickstarter campaign video:

For more on Derby Baby, check out our May 2011 Show and Tell interview with Robin Bond. And, for ongoing coverage of the Denver derby scene, keep this one in your bookmarks: http://blogs.westword.com/showandtell/roller_derby/

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