Found Above Ground men's consignment shop celebrates grand opening Friday

Rising up from its underground predecessor, Found Above Ground, a men's consignment shop and gallery, opened its doors this month in Louisville -- and will celebrate its grand opening on Friday, February 7. The high-end shop features men's clothing and accessories, as well as local art. "It's a really cool mixture of retro to vintage to cowboy cool to really chic Ralph Lauren cashmere coats," says owner Lia Cooley. "I really wanted to keep an open range of items that would sort of touch everyone from Denver to Louisville to Boulder."

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Found Above Ground is a direct descendant of the high-end women's consignment shop Found Underground, which has been around for eight years and is owned by Cooley's mother, Nancy. "That's how we generated this idea to open this men's store. We really know the community, but we're reaching out to a different part of the community now -- the other half, if you will," Cooley says.

Aside from consignment clothing, Found Above Ground carries new items, like Three Leaf Farm skin care products, Dr. Seth's beard oil and mustache wax, and Woody & Bud hats and scarves. Cooley hopes to add more local items in the future, including socks and denim.

Found Above Ground will also feature local art each month; February's featured artist is John Kinsey. "He does a really cool, graffiti-type art. He likes the idea of bringing the streets to a more slow, thought-out process, sort of taking that quick art to a different medium," Cooley says.

Cooley is on the lookout for items to consign as well as local artists and designers to feature in the shop. "I'm highly interested in carrying all things local, all things of the community in general. And not just Louisville, but the Denver metro area," she says.

Found Above Ground will celebrate its grand opening starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, February 7. There will be refreshments, giveaways and other surprises. For more information, visit the shop's Facebook page.