1/11/11: Get healed by the oneness of Braco

There are lots of ones in today's date, and we as a culture do not miss chances to invent significance for these sorts of things. Croatian gaze-healer Braco, pictured here gazing, gets his power from oneness and can therefore heal cancer today. Or something. Video below.

Here's how it works: Braco comes to your city, sets up in a hotel conference room, charges people $8, gets up and stares at the group for ten minutes or so. You can go to multiple sessions if you want. People report shapeshifting, golden confetti showers, the end of chronic diseases, heat flashes, etc.

Today's calendar alignment has made Braco (pronounced brat-zo for some reason) and his kumbaya reach Woodstock levels. He's in Miami today, so you can't be gazed-upon in person, but there are plenty of videos online. Not sure how much of his power comes through a computer screen, but we're pretty sure you can approximate the experience by dropping acid before you watch these. Note the R.Kelly and Celine Dion soundtrack on the first one. A highly restorative song, to be sure.

This is the one with the golden confetti testimonial.

And here, enjoy an excerpt from his documentary, called Invisible Hug. Of course.