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Comment of the day: Apples, oranges and Candy

There really is no comparison between Martin Lawrence and Candy Darling, né James Slattery, an actress and fixture of the Warhol Factory/late '60s downtown New York scene who happened to be technically male. One was beautiful as a woman, talented and funny; the other is hideous as a woman, and neither talented nor funny in either capacity. Still, we couldn't help but use the run of Beautiful Darling, the documentary about Candy's life, as a jumping-off point for a look back on four transvestites in movies that were terrible. Reader Ginasf calls us out on the discrepancy.

You're comparing a trans woman (Candy Darling... who was not a transvestite or a drag queen since she lived 24/7 as a woman) to non-trans male actors doing burlesque portrayals in drag. Apples and oranges and not terrible thoughtful or respectful of actual transgender people.

Fair enough, Gina, but the intention was still to highlight how awesome Candy was. As for Candy Darling, you can still catch it at the Denver FilmCenter/Colfax tonight before the end of its run.

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