Fourth-graders circa 1989, get stoked: Lisa Frank has a Facebook page

First off, we should thank the Internet for keeping pre-information superhighway pop tchotchke culture alive with its vast Youtube time-capsuled vaults of commercials and Christian rap home videos, Wikipedia archives full of false information about the less-than-famous, and Twitter accounts for dead celebrities -- all at our fingertips. But never did our middle-school selves think that someone, er, something like Lisa Frank would be cool enough to have a Facebook page.

Yes, you can follow Lisa Frank on Facebook (and Twitter too!) to keep up with the latest in overall-wearing-unicorn-sticker fashion, trippy winged rainbow-kitten party favors and super-flare-jeans-wearing b-girl stationary from the ominous entity/corporation known as Lisa Frank.

Strangely, the Lisa Frank FB page seems to be run by some archaic Internetter (maybe Lisa Frank herself?), because the entire profile reads like a real estate portfolio of unimportant and boring square footage stats of LF Headquarters past and present. While it might not be the most informative or plainly cool page on FB, it is a nice reminder that once upon a time, our only concerns were high-top Keds and collecting the most obnoxiously bright-colored pencil erasers shaped like ponies with fluorescent weaves. Lisa Frank: equating simpler, acid-washed elementary-school drug-free times since 1979.